We are very excited to tell you about The Laborhood! The Laborhood is a place where we will be bringing workers together to share stories and to learn about the challenges that workers face every day – and how we can make change for the better.  We are inspired every day by what workers are able to accomplish together –  from negotiating better wages and working conditions, to securing benefits for their families, to facilitating job trainings, and protecting unemployment insurance. The Laborhood is a way to communicate that change is possible!

 We hope that you will contribute to the community by sharing your personal story and sharing the site and app with your networks, families and friends. You can take and share quizzes, like us on facebook, learn about current news facing workers, and stay connected with folks just like you. Remember – if we don’t speak up for ourselves, no one else will.

There is strength in numbers, and working men and women standing together can negotiate better wages, benefits and retirement security with their employers. Workers standing together have been able to have their voices heard not only with their employer, but also with local, state and federal lawmakers.

Things like the eight-hour work day, minimum wage, child labor laws, unemployment insurance, Social Security and worker health and safety laws all were the direct result of worker advocacy. Even Labor Day was created by wokers!

When working people are able to do their jobs with the full support of their community more jobs are created, more families are able to pull themselves out of poverty, and the working people can have just as much of a voice as the corporations.

Besides who are these workers standing together? They are your children’s teachers, your loved ones in home support care provider, your local firefighters and police men, the contractor working on your home, AND YOU!

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