Teacher’s Mistreatment Leaves Reporter More Committed than Ever to Unionism

June 9, 2015

I’ve had some mean bosses. Back in the days when I worked in newspapers there were a few. It was a world of deadlines, working in a pressure-cooker environment where everyone competed for space and stories and bylines at the top of the page.  I started at 6 a.m. and the only other person in my department who started that early was my boss. She was so mean that when she walked in, I usually engaged in imaginary phone conversations as she passed by to avoid having to talk to her.

But schools are supposed to be different. Schools are about nurturing, caring and a collaborative environment where staff pulls together for the common good of the students.

Right? Well sometimes.

Recently I visited a charter school in Redding that was founded as a “Dream School” by teachers. Unfortunately, they hired an executive director who turned their school into a nightmare. She constantly reminds employees they are “at will” and talks about firing them in the hallways.  When teachers formed a union, she fired five of them without just cause, blaming it on the budget, even though there was actually a surplus at the end of the year. And she did it right before Christmas, earning her the nickname of GrinchREAD THE FULL STORY HERE!


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